Meta-analysis on MS Excel; Easy When You Know How!

This workshop is held for the first time in Egypt! # Workshop Content: (1)- Quick revision on Meta-analysis concept and approaches. (2)- How to make different meta-analysis models on Microsoft excel? (3)- DOI and Funnel plots for the assessment of publication bias. # The workshop is NOT for beginners; Attendants must have prior theoritical knowledge… Continue reading Meta-analysis on MS Excel; Easy When You Know How!

“Randomized Controlled Trial” is good but NOT gold-standard!

Randomized Controlled Trial (RCTs) is a good experimental design used to examine the effect of an intervention. This scientific design (Randomized controlled trial) was first described by Austin Bradford Hill in 1950s [1–3]. The introduction of RCTs in clinical research inspired governmental drug agencies to amend their conditions, requiring pharmaceuticals to provide results of well-designed… Continue reading “Randomized Controlled Trial” is good but NOT gold-standard!

How can culture influence Health?

Culture is the core, dynamic, adaptive life system of beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes that distinguish a specific population (Kagawa-Singer 2011). Recently, understanding cultures of the target population has become an important consideration to close the gaps between populations and eliminate health disparities (Thomas et al. 2004). Population beliefs and habits in diet, exercise, marriage, and… Continue reading How can culture influence Health?

SRU-ZU first annual conference

Dear colleagues, We are inviting you, on behalf of the student research unit of Zagazig University, to attend our first nationwide, student, research conference. The conference will be an excellent chance to communicate and build scientific connections with student researchers from many Egyptian Universities. Activities of the conference will include (1) students presentation: oral and… Continue reading SRU-ZU first annual conference

Congratulations (paper published)

Congratulations to our members for their recent publication. Droxidopa has been approved for the treatment of neurogenic orthostatic hypotension (NOH) under the US Food and Drug Administration accelerated approval program, which warrants confirmatory evidence on long-term efficacy of droxidopa. Hereby, we synthesize evidence from published randomized controlled trials about the safety and efficacy of droxidopa for… Continue reading Congratulations (paper published)

Collaboration with Nile Center for Experimental Research

Dear colleagues, We are happy to announce that we have signed a collaboration with Nile Center for Experimental Research (NCER; NCER is a reputable experimental research center in Mansoura that includes Molecular biology lab, Stem cells & Tissue culture lab, animal house unit, immune-histopathology lab, and immunochemistry lab. This collaboration includes: MRGE members will receive… Continue reading Collaboration with Nile Center for Experimental Research

Congratulations! (Acceptance to the 24th Biennial International Congress on Thrombosis)

We extend our congratulations to MRGE members again; another acceptance today was received from the 24th Biennial International Congress on Thrombosis. Our paper entitled “Desmoteplase for acute ischemic stroke: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials” has been accepted for presentation in this conference. Congratulations to the working team (1) Ahmed G.Almaraezy Principal investigator; Fourth year Medical… Continue reading Congratulations! (Acceptance to the 24th Biennial International Congress on Thrombosis)