Current activities

 (1) Manuscripts with conditional acceptance [being revised]

  • Caffeine; the forgotten potential for Parkinson’s disease [PI: Ahmed Negida]

(2) Manuscripts under peer-review in PubMed indexed journals

  • Neuropsychological performance following subthalamic and pallidal Deep Brain Stimulation in Patients with Parkinson’s disease
  • Sunitinib alone or in combination with chemotherapy for patients with Advanced Breast Cancer [PI: Ahmed Elgebaly]

(3) Abstracts under consideration in prestiguous international conferences

  • Safenamide as an add-on therapy for Parkinson’s disease [PI: Hussien Ahmed] – ACCEPTED
  • Gene delivery of AAV2-neurturin for Parkinson’s disease [PI: Ahmed Almaraezy] – ACCEPTED
  • Safety and efficacy of Pardoprunox for Parkinson’s disease [PI: Nada Elsagheer] – ACCEPTED
  • Safety and efficacy of creatine for Parkinson’s disease [PI: Mahmoud Atef] – ACCEPTED
  • Safety and Efficacy of Daclatasvir plus Peginterferon Alfa and Ribavirin for Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 4 infection [PI: Hussien Ahmed]
  • Should ribavirin be added to ledipasvir-sofosbuvir for patients with hcv genotype 1 infection? [PI: Hussien Ahmed]
  • Sofosbuvir Plus Velpatasvir For Chronic Hcv Genotype 1, 2, 3, And 4 Infection [PI: Hussien Ahmed] – ACCEPTED

(4) Drafts being finalized

  • Safety and Efficacy of stem cell transplantation for patients with cerebral palsy [PI: Ahmed Menshawy]
  • Safety and efficacy of Brodalumab for patients with moderate to severe psoriasis [PI: Attia Mohamed Attia]

(5) Analyses being conducted

Systematic review and Meta-analysis of Adensoine receptor antagonists for Parkinson’s disease [PI: Zainab Hassan Abdelsalam]

(6) Grants submitted [under review]

# Promoting knowledge and attitudes of Egyptian Physicians towards evidence based medicine [A two step nationwide project]

  • Submited to STDF
  • Amount of grant 100,000 L.E
  • Principal investigator: Ahmed Negida
  • Co-PI: Mohamed Adel Rakha, MD

Beside previously mentioned titles, multiple papers are currently in progress but information, about these papers, is kept confidential as they are in earlier stages.