Medical Research Group of Egypt (MRGE) is a nationwide, student-led, bio-medical, research team in Egypt. MRGE was founded by Ahmed Negida in July, 2014.

MRGE adopts a clear vision to promote scientific research in Egypt. We believe that a real progress in healthcare and medical education can be achieved by research and audit investigations. With the lack of reliable research skills in our educational curricula, lack of support from most of seniors, and the terrifying lag in Egyptian scientific output in health research, MRGE emerges as a preliminary step to create new generations of leading scientist physicians among Egyptian population.

MRGE aspires to prepare potential experienced focal student research teams within each Egyptian university; the goal that is achieved through a two-tire process; 1) providing practical interactive research training; and 2) adopting, designing, and implementing student-led research projects. MRGE is an open scientific research group that does not belong to any organization or government.

Currently, MRGE is composed of three groups:

1- MRGE candidates

MRGE candidates are students and doctors who are currently studying research basics in the learning modules of MRGE. Our learning modules cover basics of biomedical research including: (Searching medical electronic databases, understanding research designs, interpretation of descriptive and inferential statistics, orientation with medical research ethics, scientific writing rules, introduction to SPSS version 22, and introduction to systematic reviews of interventional studies).

2- MRGE members

MRGE members are those students and doctors who qualify from the learning modules either by passing an assessment exam or attending our comprehensive research basics course (held twice/year). MRGE members are joined together forming mini research groups, developing ideas for primary research studies, and writing reviews with our seniors.

3- MRGE core members

Students who perform well in MRGE research projects and/or exhibit excellent leadership skills are joined together in the steering core group. Steering members lead projects in their area of interest and expertise. E.g. a steering member with interest in Hepatology will develop ideas and target some opportunities in this specialty and recruit MRGE members who are interested in these Hepatology projects.


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