MRGE 2016; What is new in our research work?

Dear colleagues,

Over the last year, we have paid attention to learning basics of clinical research and joining secondary research projects. Therefore, most of our work was confined to reviews and meta-analyses. Let’s have a look on what we have gained. We have built new skills; now, most of MRGE members are capable of searching medical electronic databases, assessing the quality of clinical studies, and synthesizing evidence. The involvement in systematic reviews left us with a modest experience in methodological quality of clinical studies and classes of evidence. In addition, we were exposed to different outcome measures, study designs, writing styles, and analysis approaches.

In 2016, we are taking a new step towards primary research studies on both levels (clinical research and lab research). This year comes to us with good opportunities on different levels.

  • Partnership with Manuscriptedit company; our online partner for manuscript writing/editing services.
  • Partnership (still in process) with an internationally-accredited experimental research center including labs for (molecular biology, stem cells, microbiology, and animal experiments).
  • Affiliation to Egyptian Medical Research Association (EMRA; pending licensing as a national research charity).
  • Two national collaborative studies in neurology and surgery will be lead and deliver through our student network in EMRA collaborative. (Details will be announced by 30th, March, 2016).
  • Targeting six prestigious international conferences in German, Denmark, Spain, Tokyo, and USA.

This flow diagram (below) shows the required steps to participate in different types of research studies (Primary clinical research, Secondary research, and Basic experimental research). This system is effective from January, 2016.

MRGE 2016

Beside this, our online learning campaign is continuous and our courses in different Egyptian universities will expand. We promise to continue providing proper knowledge, experience, and opportunities to our colleagues everywhere.

Best wishes,


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