Submit your proposal now!

Dear colleagues,

We have introduced a new panel allowing any researcher, from MRGE team or outside MRGE, to propose a new study.


  1. We accept all types of bio-medical research, both primary and secondary research studies are acceptable.
  2. To propose a new study, you needn’t be an MRGE member; you can collaborate with MRGE in one single study that you propose.
  3. By submitting your idea, you agree that some of MRGE members will collaborate in this project.
  4. By submitting your proposal, you and MRGE members, who work in the study, will have the same chance for authorship; and the order of authors to be determined according to exerted efforts. All work will subject to criteria of ICMJE.
  5. We confirm that all details submitted to our form will be kept confidential.

Proposals are submitted through the following link:

Best wishes,
Ahmed Negida


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