MRGE 2016; What is new in our research work?

Dear colleagues, Over the last year, we have paid attention to learning basics of clinical research and joining secondary research projects. Therefore, most of our work was confined to reviews and meta-analyses. Let’s have a look on what we have gained. We have built new skills; now, most of MRGE members are capable of searching… Continue reading MRGE 2016; What is new in our research work?

Sharing Clinical Trial Data

Data sharing; How to maximize scientific benefit and acknowledge original investigators Over the last decade, maximizing scientific benefit from clinical trials has been pronounced as a moral obligation towards research participants who put themselves at risk to benefit the scientific society.  Multiple statements have been issued to ensure quality of clinical trial conduct, analysis, and… Continue reading Sharing Clinical Trial Data

Our first midyear workshop

Dear Colleagues, We would like to invite you to our first midyear courses: “Systematic review and Meta-analysis workshop”. Course Method: Interactive workshops & Hands on experience. ►►COURSE SYLLABUS◄◄ FIRST DAY * TUESDAY 2/2 1- Why Systematic reviews? 2- Types of Systematic reviews 3- Steps of Systematic reviews 4- How to search the literature, export results… Continue reading Our first midyear workshop

The REFLECT statement

The REFLECT statement has been developed for standard reporting of randomized controlled trials for livestock and food safety. REFLECT was developed by EQUATOR network through modifying the CONSORT statement (standard reporting guidelines of racndomized controlled trials). We endorse REFLECT statement and encourage our colleagues to adhere to the standard reporting guidelines. Link:

The SPIRIT statement

Interventional studies are empirical for evidence based practice. The assessment of a new drug, surgery, or any other intervention should be evaluated through multiple phases of clinical trials before introduction into clinical practice. In addition, randomized controlled trials are considered the gold-standard studies to test a causative relationship and precisely evaluate the safety and efficacy of… Continue reading The SPIRIT statement